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Geoffrey Bradford

'' by Geoffrey Bradford

Toaster, teapot with cosy and kettle carefully arranged on the kitchen worktop and as he left them. Even when he was quite poorly he was meticulous at organising his space. A slice of toast, or cheese on toast with a cup of tea, was my dad’s first choice for breakfast. A cup of tea and a biscuit, or a sandwich, was always offered to visitors. He was a generous man and always considered himself to be ‘well off’; thankful for what he had, he never envied others. When I worked with him in my student days, the very first thing we did after lighting the furnace was to balance the kettle on the edge of the crucible and have a cup of tea; it was often made with sterilized milk, which probably tasted dreadful though my memory says not.

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Geoffrey Bradford - 19/09/2012

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