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Images which receive an award in any of the Club competitions will appear on the website. If one of your images is placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, Highly Commended or Commended then please send a copy of the digital file as soon as possible to Dave Dixon.

2024-25 Season - Competition Schedule

Competition Competition Date Hand-In Date Judge
1st PDI Open 2nd October 2024 4th September 2024 Martin Patten
Print Knockout 18th September 2024 18th September 2024 Members
1st Print Open (Colour) 23rd October 2024 25th September 2024 Bill Broadley
PDI Set Of 3 - 3 images taken in the previous 12 months 27th November 2024 23rd October 2024 Denis Dunning
PDI Knockout 4th December 2024 4th December 2024 Members
Print Set Of 3 8th January 2025 27th November 2024 David Best
PDI Set Subject - 'Reflections' 29th January 2025 8th January 2025 Arjun Nambiar
Print Set Subject - 'Dark & Moody' 19th February 2025 29th January 2025 Keith Archer
PDI 2nd Open 12th March 2025 19th February 2025 Glen Lawson
Print 2nd Open (Mono) 2nd April 2025 12th March 2024 Alan Wilson



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