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Wednesday Wanderers 2021 (Blyth)

'Centre Point' by David Burn 'In The Loop' by David Burn 'Less Is More' by David Burn 'Red Marker' by David Burn
'Showing Off' by David Burn 'Wind Power' by David Burn 'Flaps Up' by Jane Coltman CPAGB 'Focus Group' by Jane Coltman CPAGB
'Little And Large' by Jane Coltman CPAGB 'Evening Light' by John Strong 'Those Huts Again' by John Strong 'Tied Up' by John Strong
'Drunken Groyne' by Karen Broom 'Out To Sea' by Karen Broom 'Textures' by Karen Broom 'Enjoying The View' by Tony Broom CPAGB
'Let's Play Ball' by Tony Broom CPAGB 'Wind Power' by Tony Broom CPAGB 'British Summrt' by Valerie Atkinson 'Cyclist' by Valerie Atkinson
'End Of The Day' by Valerie Atkinson 'Heart' by Valerie Atkinson 'Morrisons Vs M&S' by Valerie Atkinson 'Writing In The Sand' by Valerie Atkinson

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